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Club Details



The Flyover Coffee Club is a way for you to enjoy St. Louis' best coffee, delivered direct to you on a monthly or bi-weekly basis, within days of roasting.  All of the coffee we include in our club is roasted by small-batch roasters who care about coffee as something beyond a commodity.  It really is the best coffee you'll ever drink.  Are you excited to try coffee from the area's best roasters? Join the club by selecting a plan below or start by reading all about us and the Flyover Coffee club. Top lot shipments are included in the 2 and 4 bag membership levels.

How do we stack up?

We've broken down all of the coffee clubs we could find in the chart below.  We think it is clear that Flyover Coffee is the best value with the best variety of coffee at our disposal.  Even others that come close to Flyover don't have the variety of specialty small-batch roasters we do.



FLYOVER COFFEE 12-16 ounces* <5 days        $19  
MISTO BOX 12 ounces  Not specified         $21  
GROUNDS FOR CHANGE  Not specified Not specified         $22  
TONX 12 ounces Not specified        $21  
MOUSTACHE 12 ounces  ~5 days        $19  
CRAFT 12 ounces Not specified        $26  
CITIZEN BEAN 16 ounces Not specified        $27  
AMAZING CLUBS 24 ounces Rep doesn't know         $26  
CLUBS GALORE 24 ounces Rep doesn't know         $28  

*Because we ship coffee from various roasters as they package it, sometimes members receive 12 ounce bags and other times they receive 16 ounce bags.  Coffee bags will never be less than 12 ounces, however.  See our Past Shipments page for details.

Membership levels

Currently, we offer three membership levels.  All of these levels are billed monthly.  The difference is in the amount of coffee you receive each month as well as the timing of the shipments.  Subscribers to the "one bag per month" level receive – you guessed it – one bag of coffee per month.  Subscribers to this level are billed once per month (on the 15th) and shipping happens around the 16th.

Subscribers to the "two bags per month" level get just that; two bags of coffee per month.  They, too, are billed once in the middle of the month and the shipment happens around the 16th.

Subscribers to the "four bags per month" level receive two shipments each month.  Each shipment contains two bags of coffee.  Each month we ship to these members at the beginning of the month and in the middle of the month.  We do this to make sure you receive the freshest coffee possible and ensure that our roasters have the lead time necessary to craft the perfect beans.

Shipping and cancellations

The cost of both club levels includes shipping.  We have currently imposed a liberal cancellation policy: There is no minimum term and you can cancel easily at any time.  Please note that if you decide to cancel your membership after we've already begun processing a round of shipments then you will still be billed for, and receive, one final shipment.  More information on this and other topics can be found on our FAQ page.

Cost changes

We've worked hard to make sure that we are able to charge you the same amount each month, even though our roasters have widely different retail rates for their coffee ($10-$24 as of April of 2014).  We expect that the average retail cost of each bag of coffee you receive from us, including shipping, will be between $18 and $20.  Sometimes this means we will actually lose money in a given month.  Still, we want to make sure that our customers know what their cost will be so that they are able to budget appropriately. From time to time it will be necessary for us to raise the cost of club membership.  It would seem that this is simply the way of the world.  Remember when gas was 89¢ a gallon?  What about 10¢? (Ok, you probably shouldn't admit to remembering 10 cent gas because that was 1925).  Anyway, should we need to raise the price of club membership we will publish this information in our club newsletter the month prior to the price increase.  You have the option of signing up for our club newsletter upon checkout.

Okay, how to I sign up?

You can subscribe at the one bag level here, or the two bag level here, or the four bag level here.